Physical Illness and OCD

For the last week, I’ve had a nasty virus/cold-type thing. No, I don’t have Covid and for that I am truly grateful. Amazingly, here in New Zealand, there is virtually no current community transmission.
Being physically ill, apart from the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E., reminds me how much any extra toll on the body can exacerbate OCD symptoms. I felt, too, that the more tired I became, the more the invasive thoughts would push their way into my head.
The thing that helped me was to remember that I can’t make dinner let alone tackle OCD, so I’ve done my best to ‘shelve’ it. If it’s that important, it can wait until I am well. Chances are, as often is the case with delaying or practicing ERP, they may not be a problem anyway.

I really can not overstate the incredible difference ERP (Exposure and Response Prevention) has had on me. Once upon a time, any extra stress would have been curtains for me.

If you have OCD and you have any extra money (even if you have to Crowfund), try your best to find a good ERP practitioner. Mine saved at least my quality of life.

Love to you in these mad times.

By annielightning

I'm a 40-year-old girl with a chronic illness who happens to be an award-winning writer.
I love friends, tea, writing, rain on the roof at night and my Chihuahua, Timmy Schmal.
I often write about my struggles with, health, 'unstuckness', OCD and life - and what I am learning through them. I also write for the media entertainment site and Uno manazine.
Recently I have started a serialised story in blog form which I hope you enjoy. This harks back to the appearance of Sherlock Holmes in The Strand Magazine over 100 years ago.
I don't mind what your beliefs are is or aren't, I hope you find something to encourage or entertain you.

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